Professional Certificate in Coaching Psychology

The next step in your journey as a reflective coach practitioner...

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This intensive, and focused course is designed specifically for people who wish to expand and deepen their knowledge and practice of Coaching. This course assumes that participants typically have prior coaching experience and/or a basic fundamental understanding of the coaching process. You may have gained this through having completed our Introductory Certificate in Coaching Psychology, or through your experience as a Human Resource professional, a professional coach, counsellor, or a trainer with a background in the Behavioural Sciences.

The program focuses on developing the capacity to critically evaluate what is going on in the coaching conversation by developing your capacity as a reflective practitioner. There is an emphasis on a balance between understanding coaching theory e.g. models of change, motivation and schemas, and practical supervised application of your learning


For this course to be of most value to you, you should have a basic understanding of the coaching process, for example you may have competed the Introductory Certificate in Coaching Psychology. If you're not sure if this course is suitable for you please contact us at ICCP

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